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How to Book a Party

We have a strict booking process here at The Peppermint Pony  that keeps the your party safety and satisfaction as a priority- so please bear with us!

 We assess every client and location individually for suitability to host one of our parties, based on the ability we see in you to assimilate the information on our site.  We have a unique and interactive party business model, which is most successful for family-oriented  and conscientious people with a strong sense of self-accountability.

We pride ourselves on our diverse clientele - we welcome equally clients of all races, ethnicities, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds.

  1. First, check your mileage (see link below)  from us if we are doing a party at your location. If you are in excess of 45 minutes travel, please consider bringing your child here for a Unicorn Discovery Encounter or Farm Visit, as day rate begins at $1000
  2. Second, check our calendar page for open dates.
  3. Third, pick your party package from the Rates and Services or Parties pages.  Make sure that your mileage and town qualifies you for the service level you desire. The ballpark figures of party prices should give you a realistic idea of your quote.
  4. Fourth - To save time and your aggravation, we ask that you do the required reading of the F.A.Q,How it Works and Policies pages *before* you submit your quote request.  You will have to act quickly after receiving your quote - so please be acquainted with our business model before booking.  Booking fees are non-refundable.
  5. Finally, you may go to the Request a Quote page to submit your party information for quotation.  This form contains contract language which becomes binding once we take your booking fee, so if the form will not submit for some reason - copy and paste it into an email to us.  No form - no party.
  6. Once you receive your quote, we need your booking fee ASAP because we do not reserve your date and time without one.  The link is here . Please note that submitting a booking fee before a quote is issued will disqualify you from using our services.

Thank you! We look forward to serving you.

​                           Angela

Duncan, our champagne colored mini horse, covered in bright primary colors