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© Angela Cichetti Deppe, 2008

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© Angela Cichetti Deppe, 2008

Party Tips

1) While I can paint 20 faces per hour in a corporate setting or public event, please keep in mind that at private parties, children tend to 'scatter'. If I do not have a steady line, the gaps between faces will impact the number of faces I can paint.

2) Consider how many people may want to get painted, besides the birthday child's invitees.  I often will be closing my kit, with tween cousins and aunties and grandmas lined up to get painted. I will only be able to allow time for extras to be painted if I have been advised before I start. Although I am always happy to extend the time in half hour increments if it is available, I often will have another booking straight after and need to pack up and get away.

3) If we are painting indoors, lighting is important. I have several kits of different sizes and flavors, and I can bring a light along if I know ahead of time. 

4) If the flower cart is not an option, I can bring a stand or table for my kit.  I generally stand to paint, and bring a high chair.  While picnic tables are fine,  I cannot paint using a coffee or side table 

5) If you have a smaller crowd, I can do a second round of quick paintings on the same children, or break out the henna or paint the moms. Light balloon twisting is also an option.

My custom flower cart is my standard setup, and will add more than a touch of whimsy to your party. It rides in a wheelchair carrier on the back of my Suburban.  If you wish me to roll it into the back yard for your service, please have a strong back available to assist me.  

Rates start at $175 for a 1 1/2 hour service, within 45 minutes drive of zip 21794.  Two hour minimum for distances over 45 minutes.  

Add $50 for each additional half hour. $25 discount for locations within 20 minutes on some Sundays, or previous Peppermint Pony clients.

Corporate is my specialty!  My flower cart is a magnetic draw. Trade show booth, promotional events - 3 hour minimum.

Pictures speak louder than words

Recognized around the face painting world for her unique way with a brush and her amazing kit - and trained as a fine artist, Angela Cichetti Deppe brings her a broad set of talents to your party stage.

Our face paints feature a dozen different brands, selected from each line for their safety, brilliance, and suitability.  We are up to date on the latest tricks and techniques and have trained with the best.

We have design sets for any size crowd.  Our Peppermint Pony Party hostesses can choose from several tiers of complexity, to accommodate their budgets.

From the 30 second line-buster, to the 3 minute Market Fair face, to glitter-and-bling-on 7 minutes deluxe faces - we can supply it in stunning fashion.

We have a variety of Face Painting setups to blend with your event, or set it off spectacularly with our custom made flower cart.  We love our costumes!

Available also: body painting, bump painting, glitter tattoos, and henna services..

Miss Angela is the Flower Cart Face Painter at Ladew Gardens

at The Peppermint Pony

Enchanted Faces 

Miss Angela of Enchanted Faces as fairy with her Flower Cart