Charitable Giving

While we are not a 501 c3, the business of using animals for entertainment is not particularly profitable and we welcome donations.  With not all of our ponies currently in work and the lack of good homes for them, this becomes a drain on resources. Bookings are subject to the vagaries of the weather, as well as the perceived economy. But we love what we do, and the smiles and giggles and hugs of all the littles we have served keep us wanting to go on.  

Although ponies are a hardy sort of animal, they still require shelter from the elements and regular professional services in addition to food, safe fencing, and supervision.  We are in need of more shelter, a wash rack with hot water and protection from the wind, and would love to have some form of mechanized manure removal.  

We are pleased to offer several levels of support for those interested in preserving the well-being of our semi-retired working ponies, and raising the level of care for those who do work.  

First, we are offering an 'adoption' option.  For $25, receive a hoof-stamped certificate of appreciation from the pony of your choice.

Next level, for $25 per month (four month minimum), you may receive either a monthly Skype/video chat visit with your pony, during which s/he can be fed treats supplied/sent by you or seasonal treats that we have here.  With a one year term, you are also entitled to a quarterly visit with your pony here at Bramble Hollow.  

For a donation of $200+ on weekdays or $500+ on weekends, we will do visits or events with a riding pony and mini horse to a charity or individual of your choice.  Price increases with distance.

Our ponies love company and miss working in the off season.  Please consider gifting them with your presence and your love.

Please use the contact form on this page for your questions.

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