Lid of face painting kit open, with Silver the Unicorn looking at camera

© Angela Cichetti Deppe, 2008

© Angela Cichetti Deppe, 2008

The Peppermint Pony 

premier party services


Please check our calendar for public face painting opportunities. I have wonderful corporate sponsors! 

Blackout dates to NOT apply to pony and unicorn ride services.  My pony partner and unicorn provider has three rigs, so a if the description says PR (pony rides) it does not necessarily mean there are no ponies available. 

If you are looking for face painting, or a Pony Lover's Package with face painting, then you will want to click on the date of your event to see if it says "FP" or "PLPFP", which will mean the date is blacked out for face painting and Pony Lover's Packages with face painting