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No business operates without its quiet champions behind the scenes. 

Mom has been known to lose her fingerprints cleaning the brass on the harness.  Dad lost sleep over the possibility their water tank has sprung a leak.   They allow me the use of their land (and their peace of mind!) so that I can live independently with my children, despite our hardships.

Here is to all the parents everywhere, who stand by and think on their feet, accepting that being a mom and a dad is a job with no retirement plan.  I will meet many of you and I salute you all, for your commitment and the love that you show by indulging your children's dreams, if for just a day.  

It is our privilege to share that dream with you.                               

   Angela Cichetti Deppe  


Angela Cichetti Deppe as Pink Pirate Face Painter

© Angela Cichetti Deppe, 2008

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The Peppermint Pony is all about family and fun.  My children and I love to entertain and now we are happy to share our passion for ponies and parties with you.



I first learned to ride and entered my first horse show at age eight and was quickly hooked on the adrenaline of competition, though my Grandmother's farm was 1 1/2 hours away from me.  My most important childhood memory was of sitting on the basement steps, mooning over Volume H of the World Book Encyclopedia.  At ten I got my first was a hard learning curve.

At fourteen I joined the Howard County Pony Club and was promptly nicknamed "Princess Daisy" by my teammates' mothers, as I had always purchased and provided for my pony - tack, fencing and feed - entirely with my own funds and earnings, the first one at age 10, the second at age 14.   I was largely self-taught, stumbling along with well-thumbed volumes from the local library until I joined the United States Pony Club and rapidly advanced with weekly lessons. I participated in the 1980 National Games Rally, and ended my career with a C-3 Rating.

Teaching the younger Pony Clubbers was a requirement to move up ranks, and I heartily enjoyed the "Bad News Bears" squadron I was allotted as the low girl on the totem pole.  A variety of equines, all of them priced low for a reason, each taught me invaluable lessons on doing the best you can, with what you have.  

I continued that quest as an adult when I took up carriage driving with the help and guidance of my aunt, Susan Hill, who was one of the founding members of the My Lady's Manor Driving Club as well as a Welsh Pony breeder of note.  

My driving pony  was a keen competitor and we enjoyed a happy following and success in the ring until childbearing forced me to give that up for several years. My favorite event remains

The Laurels, where I competed fifteen years ago.  I don't know if I will ever play at that level again, but in the meantime I have started a new pair, and take an occasional day off to revisit scenes of glory, like the Upperville Colt & Horse Show in VA in June.  I love that event.  I'm  there not for the prize pot, but to stun and amaze and even frighten the pants off the crowds with my daring feats of cone-dodging. 



                My children, Victor (age 19) and Margot (age 16) have been an integral part of the business since its inception. Nothing becomes a child like a good work ethic.  Victor has grown in his work and has gone from running away from the car into the house the moment I put the Suburban in park, to being gainfully employed as our balloon twister and my chief 'reminder' on safety issues. He now has his own business - -Victor's Twisters.  Margot is a champion pony groomer, and can always be counted on to know where I put what down when I'm frazzled and having a 'senior moment'.  She is looking forward to starting her career as henna artist.

I feel truly blessed on my drive to your home, to have all my loved ones in tow.  My work is my pleasure and your parties make it all possible - thank you from the bottom of all our hearts for allowing us to serve you.


Victor, making one of his signature balloon fish.  He is the darling of his internet ballooning community, and can be found scouring Youtube at all hours for the latest and fastest techniques.  


We are entering our eleventh year in the pony party business.  I offer a warm hug and a huge thank you to all my fabulous clients.  I have been befriended, prayed over, envied, and loved by many of you.  Your patronage has allowed me to live with my critters and inspired businesses all over the globe.

2017 was a time of great upheaval for our business. 2016 was financially devastating, and I was forced to sell off the ponies.  I grieve them every day, as they were ironically very happy here in the woods and trees and hills and took great pleasure in traveling and working.  I wish I had been able to continue, for their sake, and I hope their new owners will learn to honor their spirits and meet their modest needs.

I should be seeking that 'job job' but....I missed it!!  I miss the little unicorns, the sweet faces, the gasps of delight.  2018 has brought me a new partner in an old friend.  His ponies are delightful, droll, and ready to rock and roll.  I think you will love them as much as the old crew. They offer a greater variety of entertainment options, as well!

This year will be a learning year, and emphasis will be on being more laid-back and not deviling the details. I am looking forward to making more gorgeous ribbons, face-painting aplenty, enjoying the stress reduction of not towing a trailer any longer!  You will love my flower cart ensemble, and I will be free to take any and all face painting jobs without the worry of 'pony overhead' to cover.

Please 'like' our Facebook page to stay abreast of the latest developments and appearances - I have several corporate clients who offer FREE face painting - not to be missed.  Please leave a positive review wherever you are most comfortable (especially that House of Evil and Lair of Discontent - Yelp!). I appreciate all of your support, and please remember to give generously to the House of Ruth Maryland which is our favorite charity, as the fallout from domestic abuse continues to affect our daily lives.


© Angela Cichetti Deppe, 2008