​Unicorn Discovery Encounters

Sparkle Plenty, white unicorn for The Peppermint Pony Unicorn Discovery
girl riding unicorn at the peppermint pony led by lavender fairy
girl leaning on white miniature horse at The Peppermint Pony

The Peppermint Pony 

premier party services

The Peppermint Pony offers Unicorn Discovery Encounters to allow a broader spectrum of children to enjoy our unicorns in a private setting at a reasonable price.  

The shy child, the older child, the special needs child all benefit from the low-key, mellow atmosphere here.  It also makes a terrific Grandchild treat, whether directly before a birthday party party on a weekend morning (as available), or as part of a special day out.  Perfect for school holidays!

For the best price, this is a weekday offering.  Some weekend mornings and evenings may be booked around what we have on our calendar

While we allow approximately 45 minutes for your booking, we do not have one set time-table for this service in order to allow each special child his or her preference of activity.

This service is meant for 1-2 children only.  


You will park at the head of the driveway and walk down to meet us.  We may coordinate this by text message if the element of surprise is involved! 

 The child meets the Unicorn - on a trail, or in the drive as you walk to meet us.  Then we meet the mini horse.  At this point, don't be surprised if your child temporarily ditches the Unicorn for the mini horse!  No worries, there is plenty of time to ride.

Rides can be in our open area, or on the trail as we develop it. Some children want to stay in sight of their caregivers.  We are flexible!

If the child wants to get their face painted or do a craft, we break for that and then there is more opportunity to ride and take photos.

We have free-ranging chickens, lovely dogs, and some frog ponds for poking.

Feel free to bring a special 'treat' for the ponies (piece of birthday cake, cookies etc).  We will supply carrots for feeding at the end of your visit, for fabulous photo opportunities!

Please refrain from entering the stable area or crossing any other barriers put in place for your safety, as certain areas will be under construction and are off-limits.

What does this cost?

  • $195 for a weekday service
  • $275+ for a weekend, booked around our other parties

Who does this serve:

  • The slightly older/larger child who still 'believes' (up to 75lbs)
  • The shy child
  • The special needs child
  • Those with distance/budget constraints that preclude a mobile service
  • Photographers for shoots

What do I get?

  • One riding Unicorn with costumed handler
  • One mini horse for petting and decorating
  • A face paint or craft
  • Time for photos

Who can come?

  • Service is for 1-2 children, 3 upon approval.
  • No specific limit on adults, but two car limit please.

When does this run?

  • If it is cold and not wet, we can book last-minute
  • Regular season starts when spring 'breaks', probably April.  Advance weekday bookings can be taken for May-November.
  • Please see Policies page for information on our cancellation policies.

Where is it?

  • Four miles east of the Howard County Fairgrounds, by appointment only. 

How do I book this?