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Custom cookies and cakes for your special occasion.  Made only with the finest natural ingredients, and organic ingredients where possible.  Why not have your celebration goodies be REAL food? 

Minimum order $75. 

 All  photos are the exclusive copyright of  Angela Cichetti Deppe, 2012

Speaking of Adult...

 Do you have an adult request or event?  Try me! I am an accomplished scuptor and can mimic realistic flesh tones... costume design is my specialty.  The sky is the limit.

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We have several recipes to choose from, most notably a firm white cake which is rich and tender.  My devil's food is delicious, or for a groom's cake I would choose the Mississipi Mud Cake for an intensely adult twist.

We work in Swiss Meringue Buttercream and Royal Icing.  Some ornaments may be made of fondant or decorator icing, but we do not wrap cakes in fondant...fondant is not food.  Clean plates are a truly beautiful ending to your partyl, not nasty hunks of  uneaten paste.

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