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The Peppermint Pony 

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Please consult our Parties page for typical price ranges, service areas, and party descriptions before filling out a quote request form. 

Check the Map of our Location for your travel time to ensure you are eligible for standard pricing (45 minutes max drive time).

You should receive a reply within 24 hours on weekdays


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Date and preferred start time:* (please give alternate start time if you prefer a start between 2 and 3pm)

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Party Type:

  •  Pony Ride Party
  •  Pony Lover's Package (with Face Painting)
  •  Pony Lover's Package (with Balloon Twisting)
  •  Supreme Party (ranges from $800 for a local party of 12 to $1,500 for a party of 30 with a hour's drive, Saturdays only)
  •  Unicorn Discovery Encounter
  •  Weekday Farm Visit
  •  Corporate Package
  •  Sunday Special, see Parties page for description. Note type of party in comments section.

Additions - click all that apply

  • Unicorn Riding Pony (turning age five and under only)
  •  Rainbow Mane and Tail (Riding Pony)
  •  Pink or Purple Mane and Tail on Riding Pony (Supreme Party only)
  •  Unicorn Mini Horse (corporate only)
  •  add second Mini Horse
  •  add second Riding Pony
  •  add Balloon Twister (to PLP)
  •  add Glitter Tattoos (to PLP)
  •  additional half hour (to PRP)
  •  add Photos

Party Themes *

  •  Her Royal Highness
  •  Lavender Fairy and Unicorn (turning age five and under only)
  •  Rainbow Fairy and Unicorn (turning age five and under only)
  •  My Little Pony
  •  Disney Princess (give details in Comments)
  •  Sheriff Callie
  •  Wild Wild West
  •  Knights in Shining Armor
  •  Vintage Carousel
  •  Carnival
  •  Pirates and Princesses
  •  Corporate
  •  Other

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Contract Terms: Click all to receive Quote *
 I Agree that should I elect to make a deposit/booking fee/retainer for a Peppermint Pony Party, I am entering into a contract and that I have read and understood the \"How it Works\", \"F.A.Q.\", and \"Policies\" pages before I send my booking fee. I understand that a failure to do is a breach of this contract and may result in The Peppermint Pony's inability to deliver services to my expectations.

 I understand that there is an 65 lb limit for pony riders.

 I understand that my party contract is predicated on location approval as well as date and time, and that pony activities will be done off the rig along the front yard unless other arrangements are indicated and approved at the time of quote request - additional charges will apply.

 I understand that final payment must be made in advance OR in cash upon arrival, and that my deposit is a booking fee/retainer that represents a fair value for securing staff/equipment/date/time/ponies and thus is non refundable.

 If for some reason my lack of payment delays The Peppermint Pony's departure, I agree to pay $50 per every 15 minutes delayed.

 I understand that children/guests must be under the direct control and supervision of a responsible adult carer at all times. Additional child-care is available by quote.

 I agree for safety reasons that alcohol can only be served at a Supreme Party, otherwise I accept that a fee will be added to the balance due if The Peppermint Pony staff or animals suffer any alcohol related interference from guests or lack of child supervision.

 I agree to intervene on behalf of our underage female staff, should any male guest either touch or engage them in any capacity other than directly in regards to the children at the party.

 The information provided on the form above and the email trail that follows will comprise your contract with us if you should proceed with a booking fee to secure your party date and time. All changes must be confirmed in writing, either through this email trail, a or text message.

 Please understand that a non-refundable booking fee is required to reserve your date and time. If you are delaying more than 48 hours in responding to your quote, we advise that you call or text to ensure availability.

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